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Post Adoption Services

Post Adoption Services take place once an adoption is complete. Typically, post-adoption services are to ensure the transition is going well and to answer any questions a family may have now their child is home.

What are Post Adoption Services?

Children’s House International provides post-adoption services by way of social worker visits and reports that will be required following a domestic or international adoption.

Where do you offer Post Adoption

How do you submit your
Post Adoption Reports?

When the report is completed by a social worker, a scanned final copy can be uploaded to CHI on the link below and the original can be sent to the Head office in Washington State. Please check the requirements for your country regarding the number of photos required and if the country your child is from requires an apostilled report. Your family is responsible for getting the report apostilled prior to submitting it to CHI. All photos can be uploaded at the link below along with a scanned final copy of the post adoption report. Your country may request original pictures and original post adoption reports, so please contact your case manager or the post adoption department  ( if you have questions.

If your family is in the annual family report phase click here to download the family report templates. Once you’ve completed the report you can submit the report and photos on our Submit Your Post Adoption Report page.

Frequently Asked Questions

A family can begin a home study without knowing what country they would like to adopt from, however, by the time it is completed the recommendation will have to include the country, age-range and gender of the child, and any health conditions for which the family is approved.
CHI is licensed in the states of Florida, Idaho Louisiana, Texas, Utah, and Washington unless an exception is made, requires that all families working for child placement in these states complete their home study with one of our CHI workers. We can provide home studies for families who live in our licensed states who are adopting through other agency programs that we do not offer.
If a home study is already completed in Florida, Idaho Louisiana, Texas, Utah, and Washington. CHI can choose to accept a completed home study on a case by case basis if the home study meets the requirements of the country from which the family desires to adopt.
Please see the following link for Hague agencies in your state that CHI has had good experience with. In addition, you can contact your Case Manager of your program for more information.
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