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CHI is proud to offer domestic and Hague international home study services!

The home study is a pre-placement report that provides an evaluation of your ability to parent a child adopted internationally and is also an intricate part of your parent education. The home study is a written evaluation of the findings of the social worker, who has met with the applicants on several occasions, both individually and together. At least three meetings will occur in the applicants home. If there are other people living in the home, they also will be interviewed by the social worker.

Frequently Asked Questions

A family can begin a home study without knowing what country they would like to adopt from, however, by the time it is completed the recommendation will have to include the country, age-range and gender of the child, and any health conditions for which the family is approved.
If you reside in Florida, Idaho Louisiana, Texas, Utah, or Washington, and one of our professional social workers will complete your home study. If you wish to select another agency, contact us for prior approval. We also provide home studies for families living in these states that are adopting from another agency.
If a home study is already completed in Florida, Idaho Louisiana, Texas, Utah, or Washington, CHI may choose to accept it on a case by case basis if all requirements are met.
You may contact a Hague accredited agency in your home state to complete a home study on your behalf. CHI and your agency will work together with interagency agreements and country requirements information.

Home Study Agency Recommendations

The agencies below are a reference for your convenience to locate licensed, Hague accredited agencies in your home state who can offer home study and post-adoption services. Those agencies will work with CHI as Exempt Providers. If you prefer to work with another home study agency not listed, please contact the CHI main office first.
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