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Parent Education

Children’s House International believes that international adoptive education is a lifelong journey. We share with one another and keep learning along the way. As we reflect on the international adoption in the ’50s, 60’s and 70’s, we’ve learned that parent education is crucial to the success of the placement of the child in their home. Education on everything from the child’s culture to medical concerns and adoption through adolescence and beyond.

We require that all prospective adoptive parents receive a minimum of 10 hours (China requires 12) of parent education on Hague related topics and child approval criteria. This can be done by using on-line training courses and one-on-one training. All required training should be completed prior to the home study review and approved by the agency.

Online Educational Courses

Online education courses are offered multiple online resources, including the organizations below. Adoptive families have had great success with the education they received! Your Social Worker will be able to provide you with more resources to complete your adoption education.  Children’s House Provides our families free of charge training with Creating A Family.  All of your Hague subject training for your home study will be provided on Creating a Family’s website.

In addition, other resources offer additional training at the fees mentioned on their sites:

Where can I find education?

All families are required to complete at least ten hours of education. Please click the image below for a list of the recommended courses for families adopting from Children’s House International. Your social worker will provide information on specific courses tailored to your needs.

U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories

Before you travel to meet your child check the travel and advisory alerts on the Department of State’s website. Sign up for alerts to stay up to date on security situations and to get assistance from the U.S. Embassy in case of emergency.

U.S. Citizenship for an Adopted Child

Depending on the visa your child receives upon completion of the adoption, you may need to complete extra steps to ensure your child has U.S. Citizenship. Not having U.S. Citizenship, or proof of citizenship can lead to difficulties later in your child’s life. Your CHI adoption team will be able to provide guidance on this important step once you come home.

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