National Adoption Month is a time to celebrate the beauty of love and the families that are created through it. Every child deserves a family to call their own. It fills our hearts with gratitude to witness the joy and fulfillment that adoption brings to so many families. This month, we honor the loving and selfless individuals and couples who have opened their hearts and homes to children in need. We celebrate the children who have found their forever homes and the endless opportunities that await them. Let us spread love and gratitude this National Adoption Month and continue to support and uplift families and children everywhere.


We provide compassionate and professional services for your adoption journey.

So many children worldwide are in need of a family.  Contact us today to find out how you can begin a home study, so you’re ready when your child needs you. Ask us about our waiting children!

CHI is a fully licensed, IAAME Hague Accredited, non-profit, international adoption agency, providing full adoption services in the states of Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Texas, Utah, and Washington. We can help place children in the home of any approved U.S. citizen family.

Colombia has many older children, who are much less likely to be adopted. Generally, children from 10 to 15 are available for hosting, as well as some sibling groups.

Our Colombia hosting program is designed for families who are considering adopting an older child or who are interested in advocating for older children who need families.

When you host a child from Colombia, you open your heart and home to an older child for three to five weeks. There are two hosting programs:  Summer and Winter. This gives the children a chance to experience life in the US and what it is like to live with a family, which most only dream about.

Hosting is an excellent opportunity to change a life forever! And it will also change your life in so many ways! And the hope for all is that the child will be a good match with a family and be adopted!

If you have any questions, we are happy to speak with you to answer any questions, ideas, concerns you may have.


International Adoption Programs

Children are waiting throughout the world for a permanent family. Each sending country has its own requirements to ensure their children are placed with qualified and loving families. With many choices, families may choose the program that will best fit their abilities, needs, and resources. Please review our programs to find the one where your child is waiting for YOU.


Children’s House provides education and resources on important topics including a child’s culture, medical issues, the adoption process, older child adoption, and more.

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