Hosting a child from Colombia is a life changing experience!

There are over 160 million orphans word wide and many more added each day. Statistics show the grim fact that a child over 5 years old will have only a 5 % chance of being adopted. Colombia currently has a large waiting list of children who are cleared for adoption and just waiting for a family. Most of these are older children or sibling groups. The Colombian hosting program is a beacon of light in hopes that some of these precious children will find their forever families!

Our hosting program is a wonderful option for families who are considering adopting an older child or are interested in advocating for older children who are waiting for their permanent, loving families. Host families open their homes and hearts to an older child or sibling group during our summer and winter programs. The 3 to 5 weeks gives they are in the host family’s home gives them a chance to experience life in the U.S. with a family. This is a life changing experience for the child, as well as for the host family! This experience will affect you, your family and circle of friends in many ways. You all will learn valuable lessons in compassion, exposure to the orphan crisis; and hopefully this experience will dispel fears about adopting an older child. For more information, please contact Pamela at