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Domestic Adoption Consultant

Adopting a newborn baby is an act of love and courage. Adoption can be stressful, with lots of paperwork and waiting, but it can also be incredibly fulfilling as you make your dream of becoming a parent come true. When the day finally arrives, there is nothing quite like welcoming a new life into the world and into your heart. Something special happens during those first few moments that will last throughout the journey of parenting. Love abounds and can bring with it strength and determination you never knew you had.

Children’s House is a non-profit adoption agency founded in 1975.  With over four decades  of experience, we are here to help you overcome the multitude of hurdles that you are certain to experience. We are experts in adoption, and are here to help you.

You don’t have to
go through this alone!

Trusting Children’s House as your adoption consultant can make the journey to completing an adoption much less overwhelming. We are here to help guide you through—what can be a complicated—process so that all parties involved are confident in their decisions. Trusting Children’s House enables couples or singles to better understand the ins and outs of adopting, ensuring their dreams of growing a family come true.

What We Do

CHI’s experience and resources provide parents with the right guidance and support through every stage of the adoption process. Our experienced adoption consultants will match you with the right partners who share your values and beliefs. Our extensive network is here to ensure that you have access to all of the necessary information and support during your adoption journey. With Children’s House by your side, adopting a newborn baby can become a positive, wonderful experience.

CHI adoptive parents receive unlimited free online adoption education from our partner, Creating a Family
CHI helps adoptive parents solve the money issue. Our families receive free assistance from Your Adoption Coach, with writing grants, creating a budget, fundraising, applying for loans, and the all-important adoption tax credit.
Provide resources to help with your Adoption profile, video and social media, to perfectly capture your individual personalities and style.

Your Adoption Journey

Step 1:
Allow Children’s House to be your Adoption Coach.
Step 2:
If you live in Washington, Idaho, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, or Florida, Children’s House will do your home study. If you live in another state, we will provide options to you to select from our trusted partners.
Step 3:
We will introduce you to the appropriate resources in our extensive network . From here, it will be easy to select your adoption agency or agencies and/or adoption attorney for your domestic adoption journey.
Step 4:
We will guide you to a professional to create your profile book, video, social media posts, etc.
Step 5:
Children’s House will be there for you during your entire adoption process to help explain processes, answer questions, and always direct you to the best resources available.

You can expect a professional, caring, and dedicated consulting team that will never take you for granted. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of service through experience, compassion, and a love for helping children and families.

Children’s House International offers a free initial consultation
Our Service Fee is $5,000 for an 18 month period or until your baby is home, whichever comes first. This includes free unlimited Adoption Education and a free account with Your Adoption Finance Coach.
A six-month renewal ($2,500) is offered for families not yet placed with a child.

Email Lisa Anderson lisa.a@chiadopt to schedule your free initial consultation.
Lisa is an adoptive mother of two children and has been with Children’s House over 24 years.

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