Waiting Children

Waiting Children Worldwide

Waiting… waiting… waiting… why are these children without families?

They are available for international adoption for many reasons. This is most often due to their birth families inability to parent based on poverty. Poverty worldwide creates the need for international adoption, but it is not the only reason.

Lack of Education is another common factor. In many countries, birth control is not widely offered nor is it taught in the family, community or in school. Birth mothers also can lack education on how to parent a child or have the capability to earn a living wage to support the child. So education can play a large part in children becoming available for international adoption.

Birth Mother’s who become pregnant may be shunned by both her family and her community. Many times this leads to desperate situations that force a birth parent to either abandon or relinquish their child.

Sadly, there are other factors that create orphans that include: war, worldwide famine, drought and in some countries the AIDS epidemic have also created a need for adoptive parents.

Children born with medical needs are also come into care and need loving families. While poverty can stretch a family’s limit, it’s overwhelming when a child has a physical or mental condition. Many times these medical needs are correctable in the US with our medical resources that would never be available in the child’s birth country.

These are the children that need us most. Please consider these children in your adoption journey.

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