Check out these wonderful adoption stories from the Jager Family and the Molendyk Family.

“Having people who actually cared about us during this journey in our lives that helped us every step of the way.”
– Mike and Gretchen, adopted from Ethiopia

“Lisa was very helpful and responsive at the time of the referral which I really appreciated. She personally called us before we traveled and after we returned which I also really appreciated!! I also go so much help, support and information from the folks at the “unofficial” CHI Yahoo Group. It was amazing!! Ethiopia staff at the Thomas Center was outstanding!”
– Susan, adopted from Ethiopia

“CHI is an amazing, professional, above-board, supportive agency. CHI does an exceptionally good job of advocating for the children entrusted to the agency.”
– Kelly, adopted from China

“Thank you for the great assistance. We were so impressed with the staff in Ethiopia. Abdissa is an amazing man! Our children love him and so do we. We will forever be grateful for his assistance!”
– Leon and Tina, adopted from Ethiopia

“Stefani and her crew are amazing. They really know the program and how to explain the process to families. There is no better advocate for special needs children than Stefani. She is a wonderful cheerleader and it’s nice to know she lives the day to day stuff with her own family.”
– Mike and Ami, adopted from China

“Our overseas travel coordinator, Michele Jordan was wonderful. She is the reason our adoption went so smoothly.”
– Clive and Dawn, adopted from Ethiopia

“I completely enjoyed working with and getting to know Anne Buckley-Jones. She always made herself available to us for questions and concerns we had all through the process. She was definitely a highlight in working with CHI. Jessica was also a pleasure to work with.”
– Kelli, adopted from Ethiopia

“Small agency and Stefani made us feel very welcomed and that we would be taken care of.”
– Tina, adopted from China

” Please keep up your good work. Thank you for everything you have done. You will never know how thankful we are that God led us to you through YWAM!”
– Todd and Becky, adopted from Ethiopia

“Thank you for all your help and I hope your agency continues to work with overseas families!”
– Andrea, adopted from China

“I felt that the agency did a great job of preparing me to go to Ethiopia. The people at the Thomas Center were such wonderful people once I got there also.”
– Patsy, adopted from Ethiopia

“Excellent agency, staff.”
– Susan, adopted from Ethiopia

“Nina was so very friendly and helpful and always ready to answer any question I had. I could tell she genuinely cared about our daughter, our other previously adopted daughters and our family overall.”
– Rea, adopted from Poland

“Successfully having the paperwork move through the process. There is a feeling of accomplishment with each step and knowing we properly completed each requirement was what kept us going through the wait.”
– Jody, adopted from China

“It was pretty overwhelming. Really, completing our adoption was what made the whole thing bearable.”
– Vanessa, adopted from China

“We think CHI is wonderful and we are so appreciative of all you have done to help us bring our son home!”
– Tara, adopted from Ethiopia

“It was blessings to work with CHI. The people are great and helpful. The staff in Ethiopia is doing a great job. We enjoyed the time spent with all of them. It will definitely be something we never forget.”
– Ryan and Tracy, adopted from Ethiopia

” I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the last 10 years have been with my son. He was adopted from Romania in 2000. What a joy he has been to our family. He is now 11, almost 12 and would love to be 13. He loves music and art. School, not so much. He is very social. We have traveled to D.C. to the Embassy party almost every year. We have met lots of people and learned a lot about Romanian culture. Thank you Children’s House International for bringing us together and enriching our lives through our son. I am thankful that you continue to help families fulfill their dreams. Take care and Happy New Year!”
– Nancy, adopted from Romania

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