Stability within Sibling Group Adoption

Sibling Group Adoption
Why It’s So Important,
Why You Should Consider It

“Sibling group adoption is a powerful way to bless not only the children involved, but the children you already have in your home and yourselves as well. That’s because there is nothing so powerful, and so important than the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters….read more”

Kim Curey, a licensed social worker states, “Siblings are each other’s constants during young childhood both as companions and playmates. Siblings learn to interact with the outside world through games played and conversations with each other.  ›Siblings who have been separated in foster care or through adoption have Pawe&Ewelina_2-editedtheir emotional burden added to; because these children have already had to cope with the separation/loss of their parents, they must experience the grieving process all over again if they are then separated from their siblings. If these children have experienced abuse and/or neglect at the hand of their parents, they will often have stronger ties to each other than to their natural parents and that makes this separation even more traumatic.”

Peter (11) and Elana (7) are a lovely example of why it is important to keep the sibling bond, encourage life long relationships and stability within crisis.  Peter and Elana need a family who is going to love, support and encourage them while supporting their sibling bond.

Please contact me at for information (including videos)  on Peter and Elana!

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