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ATTENTION: This program is only open to Romanian citizens who are also US citizens.

Children’s House International is very happy to announce our approval to work in the country of Romania! CHI previously worked in Romania in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. We have experience with the country, the people and the culture. We are very excited to be there again and help the children who need a family.

If you are a Romanian citizen and also a US citizen and are either single or married, we would be happy to talk to you about this program.

The NAPCRA has informed us that in general, the children that will be referred can be, 2 years and up, siblings, older children also Roman heritage. The NAPCRA matches a registered, approved family with a child according to the family’s approved criteria.

Why Children’s House International?

Children’s House International values our relationships with our families. Each employee wants to create a bond of trust with each and every family. Adoption is an emotional, exciting, and personal journey. We want to be there cheering along in times of excitement and help you in times of stress. For over 36 years, Children’s House has had programs worldwide and acquired experience in International adoption and is excited for this new program.

What makes CHI different?

We give attention to detail – we’ll be spending hours on the telephone and communication through email with Romania while you prepare for your new child with pre-adoptive education and discussions with our CHI staff. We’ll assist you with your paperwork so the adoption process goes as smoothly as possible. We will be there to answer your questions and concerns. We value efficiency and good communication. Our goal is to answer your question as quickly and as soon as possible. The Romania team will point you in the direction of useful resources to help in your planning – from books resources to qualified specialists in international adoption.

And when it comes time to travel, we’ll assist you with all the information you need to make your trip both successful and pleasurable. Our goal is to make your adoption experience as smooth as possible. Children’s House International is proud of its reputation and experience internationally. We would be happy to answer all your questions.

Adoption Forms and Fees

To begin your adoption journey please contact the main office so the application paperwork can be sent to you today. For more information including review our application, agency retainer agreement, financial agreements, and statistical information on: the number of adoption placements per year for the prior 3 calendar years, the number of placements that remain intact, the number of families who apply to adopt each year, and the number of waiting children eligible for adoption, CLICK HERE.

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Adoption Process

As with any program, you must apply with CHI, complete a home study process as an approved family, apply and be approved by USCIS, and complete your dossier for the country of Romania. We are happy to help you through each step of the process and provide check lists and examples for your documentation.

Romania is considered a Hague country, which means your home study must be prepared by a Hague accredited adoption agency, which we will partner with. Please visit with us concerning which agency would be best suited to write your home study for an I800A/Hague process. We will review your home study once written for details required by our government and Romania. (The Romania program is a program only open to Romanians who are also US citizens).

Once your home study is approved and your paperwork is completed, your dossier will be submitted for review and approval by the Romanian Office of Adoptions. Depending on the age, gender and health status of the child you have requested and after being evaluated for and approved by social work professionals: referral times will vary. Families should be aware that the NAPCRA has informed us that the youngest age a child could be referred for adoption is 2. Sibling groups can be referred, based on your approval critera as well as older children. Once the Romanian Office of Adoptions issues us a referral for you to CHI, we will then send you the information we have. We encourage families to have the information reviewed by an international adoption doctor who can better advise you regarding the medical information. You will have a minimum of two weeks according to US, COA/Hague regulations to make a decision whether to accept the referral of the child. Romania must see your U.S. approval on this adoption within 45 days

Both parents must travel and stay in Romania for a minimum of 30-45 days and then appear in court. During the 30 days of placement of the child with the adoptive family in Romania, social workers from the local social services will visit and make reports for the court, approximately 8 visits. After the visits are completed, a court date can then be arranged. A final decision will be issued after a 10 day appeal period . At that time, the family could go home and come back after the court decision is final.

Although your child will come to the US on an IH3 Visa, which means they are automatic citizens, CHI always suggests families re-adopt their child once they return home. This gives the family another adoption decree from the USA and a local State birth certificate.

Post adoption reports are required by CHI and the country where the child was adopted. These reports are written by a social worker and include pictures. The country of Romania requires 8 post adoption reports written by a Social Worker in the first 2 years (4 per year).

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“But if we were planning another international adoption, there’s no way we’d use any other agency than CHI.” – McCarty Family

Children in Romania

According to NAPCRA, only children 2 years and older and sibling groups are referred for adoption. These children are on a database with the Romanian Office of Adoptions. The children referred are in need of a family because of various reasons: poverty, unwed mother not able to care for the child, one or both parents are deceased. Children may have been removed from their biological family due to social issues such as negligence, alcohol abuse, etc. Your referral will be based on the evaluation and approval given to you based on your ability to parent as well as approval by professional social workers. NAPCRA is the Central Authority and will refer any child to you through their process.

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Parent Requirements

Government Requirements

The Romanian Government accepts applications from married couples, and single women. They require that all parents be at least 18 years older than they child they are adopting. At least one spouse must be a Romanian citizen. Single applicants must have Romanian and U.S. Citizenship.

Approved Home Study

An approved home study, preferably completed by a COA Hague accredited agency, will ensure that all of the US and Romanian requirements for families are met during the home study process. The home study begins with adoptive parent education and a thorough evaluation of your family that will include several background clearances, medical evaluations and financial stability. Your home study is the foundation on which USCIS and in country approvals for international adoption are based. They enable adoptive parents to learn, reflect, and prepare for parenting. It involves opening your hearts, minds, and home to a social worker through a series of meetings and gives you the opportunity to ask all the questions you may have as well.

Completed Dossier

CHI will assist you with a list of documents that you must prepare which will be sent to Romania to be registered to begin the process in the country. We are happy to answer your questions regarding this process.

USCIS Immigration Approval

USCIS immigration I-800A approval is required for all Hague countries for international adoption (this includes an FBI fingerprint result). This approval begins the CIS process which will ultimately allow your newly adopted child to receive a VISA from the US Embassy and enter the US and become a citizen.

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“CHI was recommended to us by a friend, and we are very happy with this agency, we don’t have even one complaint.” – Hanson Family

Travel Process

Both parents must travel and stay in Romania for 30-45 days where they will visit the child referred to them and be visited by a local social welfare worker. After that, the final decision is given by the court. This involves another 30 days. After appearing in court, the family can stay in Romania, or return to the US during the 30 day waiting period. The family can then return for the final paperwork to be finished or return once that is completed.

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Waiting Children

All children are referred directly by the Central Authority after the prospective adoptive parents’ application has been registered. Once the referral is given by Romania a CHI social worker and family can discuss the specific child referred . Please contact our office for more specifics.

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Country Facts

Fast Facts
(courtesy of

  • Official Name:
  • Location:

(Southeastern) Central Europe

  • Time Zone:

Seven hours ahead of U.S. Eastern Standard Time (GMT + 2)

  • Area:

91,725 sq. miles (237,502 sq. km)

Romania Flag

  • Flag of Romania:

Three vertical stripes: red, yellow and blue.

  • Population:

19,350,000 (2012)

  • Ethnic Groups:

Romanian 89%, Hungarian 6.5%, Gipsy 3.2%,
Ukrainian, German, Other 1.3%

  • Religions:

Christian Orthodox 78%, Greek-Catholic 10%,
Roman Catholic 5%, Protestant 5%, Jewish, Unitarian

  • Official Language:


  • Currency:

Romanian Leu (RON) ( plural Lei )

  • Climate:

Temperate, four distinct seasons, similar to northeastern USA

  • Capital:

Bucharest (București)

  • Form of State:

Semi-parliamentary Republic with two legislative bodies: Senate (Senat) and Chamber of Representatives (Camera Deputaţilor)

  • Legal system:

Based on European models and Constitution of 1991.

  • Electoral System:

Universal direct suffrage over the age of 18.
Parties must win at least five percent of the national vote to gain representation in the Parliament.

  • National Elections:

November 2008;
next elections: Fall 2012 (parliamentary), Fall 2014 (presidential).

  • Head of State:

President of the Republic, currently Mr. Traian Basescu
(re-elected on December 6, 2009).
Romania’s president is allowed to serve two consecutive five-year terms.

  • National Government:

The government is led by the Prime Minister, confirmed by the Parliament on the nomination of the President of Romania.
The present Government is formed by the a Social-Democratic Party
and National-Liberal Party coalition.

  • Head of the Government:

the Prime Minister, currently
Mr. Victor Ponta (Social-Democratic Party).

  • Main political parties:

Social Democratic Party (PSD), Democratic-Liberal Party
(PD-L), National Liberal Party (PNL), Democratic Union of the Hungarian Minority (UDMR).

  • Regional Government:

Forty-one County Councils (Consiliu Judeţean).

Romania is a member state of the EU (2007); NATO (2002) and OIF (1993)

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