Republic of Moldova

Note: None of the children seen on this page are available for adoption.

Our Moldova Program

Children’s House International is excited to once again be licensed in the Republic of Moldova. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Moldova has undergone profound changes, yet there is still a need for adoptive families. Moldova is considered one of the poorest European nations, and many children are orphaned due to illness and poverty. Our program works to place children primarily of preschool and school age with loving families. We are ready and excited to help answer any questions you may have.

Why Children’s House International?

Children’s House International values a relationship with their families. Each employee wants to create a bond of trust with each and every family. Adoption is an emotional, exciting, and personal journey. We want to be there cheering along in times of excitement and help you in times of stress. For over 36 years, Children’s House has had programs worldwide and acquired experience in International adoption and is excited for this new program.

Adoption Forms and Fees

For more information including our application, agency retainer agreement and financial agreements and statistical information on: the number of adoption placements per year for the prior 3 calendar years, the number of placements that remain intact, the number of families who apply to adopt each year, and the number of waiting children eligible for adoption, click here.

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Adoption Process

As with any program, you must apply with CHI, complete a home study process, apply and be approved by USCIS, and complete your dossier for Moldova. Moldova is considered a Hague country, which means your home study must be prepared by a Hague accredited adoption agency, which we will partner with. Please visit with us concerning which agency would be best suited to write your home study for an I-800a/Hague process. We are happy to help you through each step of the process and provide check lists and examples for your documentation. Once your home study is approved and you paperwork is completed, your dossier will be submitted for review and approval by the Republic of Moldova. The wait time for a referral is typically 12 months depending on age, gender, and health status of the child you have requested. Within 2-4 months after accepting a referral, you will travel for your first court date and meet your child. In the second visit, generally 3-4 weeks later, you will finalize the adoption and obtain an immigration visa for your child at the U.S. Consulate in neighboring Romania. Throughout the process, Children’s House International provides bilingual translators and trusted, in-country representatives to ensure a smooth, speedy adoption.

Length of Process:

With all adoption programs it is only an educated guess on how long the process truely takes. At the moment, a family could expect a child to be home with them within 24 months of starting the home study process, however, it could take longer if problems or delays arise in any part of the process.

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Children Available For Adoption in Moldova

Families should be prepared to adopt an older child in Moldova. Baby referrals are not usual. Children in Moldova must be registered for two years before they are eligible for adoption by a non-Moldovan family. Boys, girls, and siblings are available but there are more boys than girls. Children with special needs are also available for adoption. Families should be prepared for a child’s possible physical and developmental delays associated with previous home history or long stay in an orphanage.  

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Adoptive Parent Requirements

Approved Home Study

An approved home study ensures that all of the Moldova requirements for families are met in the home study process. The home study begins with adoptive parent education and a thorough evaluation of your family that will include several background clearances, medical evaluations and financial stability. Your home study is the foundation on which USCIS and in country approvals for international adoption are based. They enable adoptive parents to learn, reflect, and prepare for parenting. It involves opening your hearts, minds, and home to a social worker through a series of meetings and also provides the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

USCIS Immigration Approval

USCIS immigration approval (this includes FBI fingerprint results) is required for all international adoptions. Moldova is a Hague Country so the I800A form should be used. This approval allows your newly adopted child to receive a visa from the US Embassy, enter the US, and become a citizen. CHI always suggests families re-adopt their child once they return home. This gives the family another adoption decree from the USA and a local State birth certificate. Post adoption reports are required by CHI and the country where the child was adopted. These reports are written by a social worker and include pictures. The Republic of Moldova requires 6 post adoption reports written by a Social Worker, and then annual reports written by the family.

Moldovan Government Requirements

Both married couples and single women can adopt from Moldova. However, at least one member of the couple must be under 50 throughout the entire adoption process. The following documents are required to adopt from Moldova: an International Home Study approval, an I-800A CIS approval, and at least two in-country trips. A list of other documentation will be provided upon entering the program.

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Travel Process

Your travel will include a stay of up to 30 days in Moldova for the adoption process. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet and spend time with the child referred to you before you make your final decision, as well as learn about the culture and heritage of their country. The second, “pickup” trip usually involves a maximum five business day stay in Moldova, although children can be escorted home by agency personnel. We will inform you when it is time to travel both times. Our foundation representatives will meet you at the airport and assist you with each step of the adoption process while you are in Moldova. They will also assist you with the appointment at the US Embassy.

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Waiting Children

At this time we have no waiting children listed for Moldova.   “We’ve adopted four daughters. #1 and #4 were through CHI. CHI is exceptionally responsive and they are also confidential RE you and your info. The other agencies were “okay” but we would not want to repeat those experiences.” – Goodwin Family  

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Country Facts

An Eastern European country land locked between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova is a temperate country that often flies under the radar. Gently rolling hills are characteristic of the landscape, with Chisinau, in the central part of the country, as the capital. One of the more productive agricultural regions, Moldova is especially known for its wine culture. The drought in 2006 and 2007 made it difficult on the Moldovian economy. However, in 2011 their growth rate was 6.4% and the country is approaching middle-class status. Over 90% of the country is Orthodox Christian. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, Moldova has made integration with Europe a priority, and continuously works towards the goal of EU membership.
  • Literacy rate: 99.1%
  • Average life expectancy: 69.5 years
  • Area: 33,851 sq km (13,070 sq mi)
  • Unemployment: 6.7%
  • Population: 3,656,843
  • GDP per capita: $3,400
  • Language: Moldovan (virtually identical to Romanian), Russian, Gagauz (a Turkish dialect)
  • Population below poverty line: 26.3%
(from CIA World Factbook)

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