Parents for Peppy!


Meet Peppy.  Peppy is an adorable 20 month old boy waiting for a family in Eastern Europe.  He was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck.  He has been diagnosed with Hypotonia, or low muscle tone.


Meet Zoe.  She was born to a family in the USA.  She was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.    She was also diagnosed with hypotonia, or low muscle tone.

Peppy lives in an orphanage.  He has no loving parents.  He likely has spent little time until recently outside of his crib.  Peppy began receiving some physical therapy and is now able to stand, sit stably and shows very good potential to gain strength!


What could Peppy achieve with the benefits of a loving family?

Zoe was born to a loving family.  She has received PT, OT and Equine therapies from age 4 to 9.  At 10 years of age she ran her first 5K…


At 15 she won an invitational cross country meet and was a double varsity freshman in Track and Cross Country.  She is a honor roll student.  It saddens me beyond belief to think that my floppy, hypotonic baby could have been seen as unwanted or un-adoptable like little Peppy.  Surely there is a family for this boy with so much potential for a bright future!  Please email Jill at for more information about how you can become Peppy’s parent!


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