Not Too Old To Be Loved

Youth Are Never Too Old to Be Adopted

By Cynthia Flynn and Wendy Welch

“You are never too old to be adopted,” said one young woman during an interview for a recently completed study on successful adolescent adoptions.

“It’s the most important thing that happened to me,” said another adoptee. “I got a family and found love. I have everything one hopes for. I fit in a family.”

These two adoptees were among 37 youth who were adopted as teens and who participated in a study about successful adolescent adoptions conducted by the Center for Child and Family Studies at the University of South Carolina. During interviews, the youth talked about making the decision to be adopted, the best and worst parts of adoption, and why it worked for them. We can all learn from their insight.  To finish the article please visit 4ever-too-old-workers/


David is a handsome and happy eight year old boy. His development is normal for his age. He is likable, curious, emotionally sensitive and is open in social contacts. He is under the care of a neurologist due to increased muscle tone that appears in some situations, hands tremor and facial nervous tics.  The Central Nervous System damage has been ruled out and it was said “his problems probably have emotional undertow.”  He wants to be adopted and is waiting for a loving and caring home to become a part of!  He needs a family who can support him and help him feel secure and accepted!

Peter and Penelope, ten year old twins

Peter is an active and healthy 10 year old boy!  He is in the 4th grade and has received good grades in school.  He loveDSC_0020s to watch TV programs about animals , medicine and culinary shows.  He communicates well and his behavior is becoming more and more mature. He really enjoys engaging with adults.  He accepts rules and when he has misbehaved he takes the initiative to receive punishment.  Penelope is   his twin sister.  He greatly desires to be adopted and needs a loving family!

Penelope is a healthy girl in 4th grade.  She receives good grades in school and is very interested in art and performs in theater.  She is concentrated and able to focus on a task for a long time. Penelope is open with her emotions and has good communication skills.  She desires to be a leader but is also able to follow others.  Her twin brother is Peter.

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