More Educational Resources

More Educational Resources

Recommended Reading

• “Adoption’s Lifetime Issues: What parents need to know” by Jean MacLeod

• “What is Transracial Adoption” by Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall

• “Icing on the Cake, adoption parenting your 5-10 year old” by Jean MacLeod

• “Using Books to Open the Adoption Dialog” by Jane A. Brown, MSW

• “Dancing With Ghosts, Birthmother Loss and the Adopted Child” by Jean MacLeod

• “*BABYSHOCK* Depression and International Adoption” by Jean MacLeod

• “Is My Kid Normal? Seeking Therapy for Your Adopted Child” by Jean MacLeod

• “Attaching in Adoption” by Deborah Gray

• “The Maltreated Child (Finding what Lurks Beneath)” by Steven Gray, Ph.D.

• “The Handbook of International Adoption Medicine (A guide for Physicians, Parents, and Providers)” by Laurie, C. Miller, MD.

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