Leo Waits for his Family in Asia

I have found my family!


Leo, male, DOB 1/2008 SN congenital heart disease. Stefani from Children fs House International met this joyful boy in March 2012. He is friends with her new daughter Meisyn and they spent much of their days together and slept in the same room. He is funny and kind. He cannot get medical help for his heart condition in China and his SWI Vice Director has begged us to please find a family for him that can help heal his broken heart. He is also the little SWI brother to Zane who has a similar condition. Zane now has a family c.can Leo too?
Leo has been registered for adoption for over three years with no match. Is that not long enough? There must be a musical family out there who is missing a lead dancer c.??

Leo’s ever so precious video link:

Leo fs reports state:

Leo was admitted to the SWI when he was approximately 5 months old.
Physical state on admission: By examination the male baby was 64cm in height, 41cm in head size, 39 cm in chest size, 5 kg in weight, 1.5cm X1.5cm in fontanel, low nutrition, normal response, had cyanotic lip, mouth and limbs when crying, cardiac ultrasound checking: 1. Tetralogy of Fallot waiting for excludeing; 2. atrial septum defect; 3. Collateral vessels of pulmonary formation G4. dilating coronary in both lungs (-) Cno deformity of spine and limbs, no other special findings.
Motion development and adaptability: can go up and down stairs alone, jump off the floor by two feet. Normal motion development.
Language and Sociality: can ask what it is, say the usage of common things, dress him, and wash hands. He loves to be embraced by caretakers.
Intelligence and Study: knows his own name, knows what been asked to do, knows cold from warm. He has normal intelligence development.
Personality: restless, fond of playing toys, fairly introverted, fond of reading picture books, playing games and being embraced by caretakers.
Comprehensive evaluation: average nutrition, normal or low height and weight, normal intellectual development.
Mar 29, 2011
Be sure to watch his current video and read about him in past posting from Love Without Boundaries (LWB)

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