Join Us For Winter Camp in China!

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Children’s House International is searching for a few more families to join us on our upcoming family trip to Linyi, China. Linyi CWI is one of our partnership orphanages housing over 250 children ages birth to 18 years in age. This is a great opportunity for families wishing to learn more about the current state of orphan care in China, people wishing to advocate for adoptable children and learn more about the history and culture prior to adopting or post adoption. Families are encouraged to bring their children along.

CHI has pioneered this type of opportunity as an alternative to traditional orphan hosting. The CHI China team feels this is a more child centered approach to advocating for older child adoption. No family is obligated to adopt the child they are paired with. We only ask that they take photos and learn about the child’s needs and be willing to chat with prospective adoptive families about the children. Please email Nina for more information on how you can help!

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