Humanitarian Aid Bolivia


We are no longer working with Bolivia for international adoption because of law changes. However, Children’s House International still cares deeply about the children of Bolivia and hopes to keep helping them in any way we can. From the experience gained from working in Bolivia, CHI saw the desperate need for help with medical expenses for those children in families with low incomes.


Hospital del Niño is the national public hospital in Bolivia for children. Poor families bring their children here for treatment. This hospital operates with outdated equipment and few computers, which mainly come from donations from other countries. A government program pays for most expenses of all the children under 5 years old. But if the hospital does not have a particular medicine, etc. it is not covered and the families must find it elsewhere. Regularly x-ray and ultrasound machines, which are critical for diagnosis, need repair and families must rely on other clinics for them where they are not free. The parents are responsible for paying for the treatment and all expenses for those older than five. Some of these treatments or tests will not be given until they are prepaid. With widespread poverty, many parents are unable to cover basic medical costs but your donations go a long way in caring for the needs of a child.

Miguel C. (8 years) Was kicked in the face by a horse. He comes from a family of 7 which are supported by the father making $7 per day as a laborer. His mother is in the photo. He needs major reconstructive surgery on his nose. We paid $ 73 for medication, ointments, supplies and a surgery.




Ricardo H. (5 years and 11 days) Mother is single and lives in La Paz with her 2 sons. She makes a living selling fruit. Most medical needs for children up to 5 years are covered by the Bolivian government. Because Rodrigo is over 5, even by just a few days, he was not covered when he broke his arm. We paid $88 which covered these costs.


Angelica L. (14 years) Tuberculosis and pneumonia. This family of 10 is supported by the father who is a day laborer. The mother sells items on the street and combined they

make about $40 per week. We paid $30 for oxygen and medicine.





Donations will go directly towards helping children at the hospital. This includes paying for surgeries and treatments, medication and supplies. To make sure that your donations directly benefit the child, we do not give the money to the parents but personally pay for the mediations and services. Ultimately this can help improve a child’s overall health and be the difference between life and death. With our help we hope to help 100 families with their children’s medical expenses at the hospital. The purpose of the Hospital de Niño program is to help the children live a better life.


Donate to the Children’s House International Hospital del Niño Humanitarian program. These funds will directly benefit needy children needing medical care.

Your monthly donation of $25.00 will help and be greatly appreciated by the families and children. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO WE APPRECIATE YOUR SUPPORT!

IMPORTANT: Any family currently in the process of adopting through CHI cannot make a donation until their adoption is complete​. Donations can be made by those who live in the following states where CHI is registered to solicit donations or registration is not required: ​FL, ID, IN, IA, MT, NE, NV, SD, TX, UT, VT, WA & WY