Epilepsy in children

About 2.5 million people in the United States have epilepsy.  The incidence of epilepsy is higher in young children and older adults. About 300,000 American children under the age of 14 have epilepsy. It affects children at different ages, and in different ways. For some, it will be a temporary problem, easily controlled with medication, outgrown after a few years. For others, it may be a lifelong challenge affecting many areas of life.  Anita is an adorable little 2 year old girl who needs a loving family environment! She has congenital defects involving mainly the facial region and epilepsy. Within her first year of life she started showing signs of epilepsy.  She is delayed developmentally but has shown tremendous progress in recent months. Especially since being in a structured foster home, she has made great strides in development. She is unable to walk but crawls around and also loves music. For more information on children with special needs please email amanda.m@chiadopt.org (Anita has been matched to a family).  For more resources on epilepsy go to http://www.cureepilepsy.org/aboutepilepsy/epilepsy-resources.asp.

– See more at: http://childrenshouseinternational.com/eastern-europe-waiting-children/#sthash.nMDsm6km.dpuf

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