Down Syndrome does not Define ME!!!!

“I Won’t Let My Daughter With Down Syndrome Be Defined By A ‘List'”

“When my daughter was diagnosed with Down syndrome, I was given a list. A list of potential features and problems to expect.

This list is cold, emotionless and almost comes across as grotesque if you are reading it with fear already in your heart. The sharply angled words on this list tore apart my motherhood dream and became almost like a “side effects” commercial gone wrong.

Now the list has become a part of my life, and I think that whoever created it didn’t capture the spirit of their assignment. It’s as if someone was told to describe Christmas and they said that it might include an evergreen tree and cold weather.

Down syndrome is so much more than the words on that paper; it has become a part of my heart beating outside my body. As I was thinking about the list the other day, I decided to rewrite it — and add some of the spirit it deserves……..continue to read about “the list” according to a mom……”

 >Waiting Children<


Sylwia Puk 1Sarah is a very precious and beautiful 5 year old girl with Down Syndrome. Sarah has had a steady, slow increase in developmental skills observed, especially when the child spends time in a group of peers (learning by repetition of others’ behavior, as well as motor, social and communication development).  Sarah requires monitoring and aid in development of all spheres, while incorporating self sufficiency  functions (among them training of cleanliness activities).


Emilia Mrowczyk  1Emily is a beautiful 4 year old girl with Down Syndrome.  Emily is silly and loves to play!!!    According to a precious assessment “she likes motor games (jumping on the Bobath ball – game “jak to milo” /oh how nice/, or on the therapist’s legs – game “jedzie konik” /giddy-up giddy-up horsey/) and asks for“action” (she jumps) when the game is stopped.  She really likes stimulation of proprioception she searches them by herself.  Emily seeks out play and loves to be active.


Kimmie 4Kimmie is a precious and cheerful 2 year old little girl with down syndrome.  She is sociable and strives for attention from adults.  She loves to be active and walk with the help of an adult.  She needs a loving family to care for her!

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adam 4Adam is a very active and happy little 4 year old boy with down syndrome.


Alex 1Alex is a 9 year old boy with Down Syndrome.  Even though he has asthma and allergies to different allergens he loves to play outside!


528_Photo07_Feb2015Bryan is a 5 year old boy with Down syndrome and delayed neuropsychological development due to trisomy 21.  He can sit independently and walk with some assistance.  He enjoys playing with toys and is happy when someone is interacting with him.  He is generally calm and in a cheerful mood.  He has made great progress since being in his new placement and has formed positive social relationships with the staff and made new friends with the other children.

>What is Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)

Trisomy 21, better known as Down Syndrome, is an abnormality of the 21st chromosome, there are three copies rather than two. Those with down syndrome may be more likely to have issues with congenital heart disease, gastrointestinal abnormalities, endocrine disorders, epilepsy, musculoskeletal issues that can affect motor abilities, hearing loss, speech and language-, sleep- , and feeding disorders, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and autism.

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