Countries with Waiting Siblings

In many countries, local families can generally only afford to adopt one child at a time.  As a result, there are many wonderful sibling groups waiting for families in countries like Colombia, Poland and Ethiopia.  These children generally range in age from 3 to 13 years in age.   Siblings who have experienced the trauma of losing a birth family often have a much stronger bond with each other than siblings raised in traditional families.  They also have at least this source of healthy, long term attachment which should allow them to form a healthy attachment to their adoptive family in time.  While an older sibling may have cared for the younger siblings and resist giving up this responsibility until they have formed a trust with their adoptive parents, the bond they eventually form with their parents is often very strong.  Please email us for information about our waiting siblings!


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  1. Lisa Lashuay says:

    Could you tell me more about your waiting children? We are currently wanting to adopt girls between ages 4-9. We are working with Alicia but it seems like things have slowed down in Ethiopia. What are the ages of these sibling groups that you are referring to in this blog? Would we be able to see the available children even if they are slightly out of our age ranges? Thank you.

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