Childhood Cancers





About 10,380 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2015. While Cancer rates have not risen much in recent years, it remains the second leading cause of death among children.  The good news is that 80% of children with cancer will survive more than 5 years.  Survival rates for Retinoblastoma, the cancer that effected Lily is over 90%.  Retinoblastoma is a rare form of cancer that effects the retina of one or both eyes in infants or young children.  Lily was abandoned and now lives in a school for the blind.  Due to her retinoblastoma, Lily has had both her eyes removed and has artificial eyes.  There is no indication that her cancer spread beyond her eyes and she is considered to have a very positive prognosis.  Lily is an outgoing and social child who is said to be developing very well!  Lily is currently available for adoption.  For more information please email



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