Adoptive Parent Training

Adoptive Parent Training

Children’s House International is dedicated to providing both information and support to our prospective parents.

Since 1998 Heart of the Matter Seminars

has been providing engaging, informative and empowering educational experiences with a focus on children who are at-risk. Founders Julie Drew and Katie Prigel Sharp saw the need for research based education that put practical tools into the hands of adoptive parents. Believing that most children adopted internationally or through foster care experience mild to moderate issues, Heart of the Matter Seminars seeks to “prepare, not scare” families embarking on their parenting journeys.

The Heart of the Matter Seminars including training on HAGUE related subjects: Because They Waited.

  • The Because They Waited™ education system is an online program with modules covering topics pertinent to individuals adopting a baby or an older child, internationally or through foster care. Modules present “The Science” in a user friendly format, followed by “The Parenting” which offers concrete parenting tools and finally, “Wrap Up, Review and Resources”. Your purchase includes Certificates of Completion for both parents for 10 hours of Hague compatible education.


Other wonderful courses include:

Creating a Family They are a nonprofit providing unbiased accurate education and support for infertility or adoption. Their adoption resources include radio shows and blogs.

NEW!! Parent Planning for Special Needs Adoption

This 2 hour course guides parents through
creating their own personal parenting plan.

  • Explore various types of special needs.
  • Consider the special joys and challenges involved in parenting a child with special needs.
  • Examine what impact special needs may have on your family.
  • Most importantly, this course assists participants in creating their own individualized parenting plan.

Adopting from China:
Topics include determining a child’s eligibility for adoption, race and culture issues specific to Chinese adoptions, common medical concerns, transitioning a child home and more. Your purchase provides access for two parents to receive certificates of completion for 1.25 hours of training.

Adopting from African Countries:
This 1.25 hour course addresses topics pertinent to families adopting from African countries. Topics include determining a child’s eligibility for adoption, race and culture issues specific to African adoptions, transitioning a child home and more.

Adopting from East European Countries:
This 1.25 hour course addresses topics pertinent to families adopting from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other East European countries. Topics include the adoption process, race and culture issues specific to East European adoptions, common medical issues, transitioning a child home and more.

Transitions, Developmental Challenges or Just Regular Kid Stuff?:
This 1 hour course addresses topics such as transitioning a child home, sorting out “regular kid stuff” from adoption related concerns and ideas for parenting all of these.

Managing Your Child’s Bid for Power :
This one hour course is designed for parents and agency staff. Learn parental responses that help with the prevention of power struggles and management techniques for exiting the power struggles we slip into. Preview

Race and Culture:
Explore the concepts of race and culture and it relates to adoption and foster care. This one hour course, included in the Because They Waited education system, discusses topics such as addressing racism, looking at culture in terms of larger culture and sub-cultures, talking with your child about race and culture, white privilege and more. Preview

Understanding Trauma in Children:
This course is for parents and agency staff and runs approximately 45 minutes. “Understanding Trauma in Children” discusses the difference between a potentially traumatic event and actual trauma. The science and symptoms of trauma are presented in a user-friendly manner but most importantly, practical, concrete parenting tools are offered for helping a child resolve trauma.

Please visit Adoption Learning Partners at: for a two hour on line training session entitled “Let’s Talk Adoption: A Lifetime of Family Conversations” . Our parents have found this site very helpful in answering many of their adoption questions. Sessions include:

Lesson 1 – Why talk adoption:
examines self-esteem, family bonds, sharing information and your child’s right to know.

Lesson 2 – Barriers to Communication:
examines beliefs and feelings about adoption.

Lesson 3 – Developmental Stages:
explores each stage of a child’s life then provides strategies for addressing their questions and concerns about adoption.

Lesson 4 – Communication Strategies:
provides strategies for communicating and practice with parent-child dialogues.

Lesson 5 – Communication Tools:
provides suggestions for making adoption a regular topic of conversation.

Lesson 6 – Finding the Missing Pieces:
Helping adopted children cope with grief and loss.


For more information on Adoption Learning Partners, please click here

The Center for Adoption Support and Education, Inc. (C.A.S.E.), a private, non-profit adoptive family support center. C.A.S.E. has developed numerous programs to educate others in the helping profession to understand the unique issues presented by adoption. C.A.S.E. also offers consultation and counseling to members of the adoption circle and their extended family members.

Merging Research and pratical tools to help adults and children
Empowering Adoptive Families through Education
Quality Education in an Effective Manner