Adoption Programs

Children’s House International At-a-Glance

Program Ages of Children Parent Requirements Parents Required To Travel Required Length of Visit in Country Time Between Dossier to Child Referral Time Between Child Referral and Pickup
Bulgaria 18 months & up Ages: 25- 55 years


*50 years between PAP & child


Married (at least 1 year), Singles Can adopt

One Parent (strongly recommend 2 adults travel) Two trips

1st trip: 7 days

2nd trip: 10 – 12 days;

4-6 months in-between trips

Waiting Child or

3 – 72 months

4 – 6 months
China 10 months – 13 years old Married (at least 2 years)

Must be at least 30 years old

Max 50 year age difference between younger parent and child

One parent (strongly recommend 2 adults travel) 12– 14 days Waiting Child:

2-3 Months


Non-Special Focus: Varies

2 – 3 months
Colombia Special needs under 8 yrs. Sibling groups or older children. Ages: at least 25 yrs (both parents) and no older than 55 yrs


Married couples (at least 2 years) and single parents on a case-by-case basis


Both, One parent may leave after first 7-10 days.  One trip, 4-6 weeks 8-18 months, less if Waiting Child. 5-6 months


4 years and older Married couples: Minimum age 25 to 51 Married at least 3 years

Single women age 25 to 51

Both Parents 3 short trips or 2 trips

5-10 days for the first trip (integration with child)

5-7 days for the second trip

8-14 days to complete visa requirements

*2nd and 3rd trip can be combined for 4-6 week stay in country

6 -36 Months, depending on age /special need of child(ren) 4 – 8 Months
Hungary 3 yrs and up, older children and sibling groups available Married couples only


Ages: 25 – 55 (No more than 45 years between oldest child and youngest parent)

Both Parents One trip; approximately 6 weeks 12 – 24 Months 1-2 Months
India 6 months and up with special needs or health issues Ages: Single females under 45 yrs. Married couples 25-55 (combined age of under 90 for 0-4 yrs OR under 100 for child 4-8 yrs OR 110 for child over 8 yrs)


Single Females and Married couples (at least 2 years).

No more than 3 children in the home. 

1 parent (Strongly recommend 2 adults travel) One pick-up trip, 12-14 days.

On rare occasion 2 trips will be required

6-18 months for child with identified special need; 36 months for children with no known or very minor health issues 5-8  months
Jamaica  Children under 5 with special medical needs, older children and sibling groups   Married or single applicant

Minimum age is 25

 Both parents  Adoption Order (Final in country) 4 month stay in country 

2 trips for 10 days each with 3-4 months in between

 12-36 months depending on age/special need of child(ren)  4-8 months
 Georgia 18 months and up, older children and sibling groups available Ages: at least 25 yrs. between parent and child and no more than 45 yrs.


Open to married couples and single women.

Both Parents for first 1-2 weeks, 1 parent may leave after this time IF judge allows. (strongly recommend 2 adults travel) One trip, about 3-4 weeks 6 – 18 Months 4 – 6 months



Children under 7 with special medical needs; Older Children and Sibling Groups Married couples and single women.

Between 25- 50 (at least one parent must be under 50)

Both parents 1st trip up to 30-31 days, 2nd trip is 5-7 days

3rd trip is 12- 14 days

1-6 months for waiting child; or approximately 12-24 months 4-7


Romania 2 years and older and sibling groups Ages: must be at least 18 years older than child


Married couples and single women (at least one spouse or single women must have Romanian citizenship)

Both parents, one parent may leave after 30 day bonding period (Strongly recommend 2 adults travel) 1st trip is 30-45 days

2nd trip is 2-4 weeks

3 – 18 months 2-4  months
Ukraine Children under 5 with special medical needs, or Older children and Sibling groups Married Couples Only at least 25 years old


Age: At least 15 years difference between parent and child.

Both Parents must travel for the appointment with DCF and court, one parent may stay afterward to complete adoption (Strongly recommend 2 adults travel) At least one trip, but can be done in 2-3


Total of 5-6 weeks

3-12 months until you receive appointment with Dept. of Children and Families 5-6 weeks from child acceptance to adoption finalization


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