A Valentines Fairy Tale….

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a fair Maiden and her handsome hero husband.  They lived a happy and busy life  with their three Strong and Brilliant Sons and their loyal dog Sprocket.  To all of their friends and family they seemed to live a charmed life.

But the fair Maiden felt an empty space in her heart that only a daughter could fill.  And the Brave Hero longed for a sweet little girl to love and protect.  And the Strong Sons agreed that despite the ribbons and ruffles a sister would bring to their home a little sister would only add to their fun.  Sprocket, well, Sprocket was all for adding to his flock of children to herd.

So the Maiden and the Hero worked long and hard to prepare the documents needed to find a special girl to be their daughter.

Meanwhile, in another far land slept a tiny and beautiful girl.  This Sleeping Beauty had no mother to brush her curls, no father to hold her close and no brothers to teach her how to play and laugh.  For almost three long years she waited with life suspended for someone to claim her as their own.  She did not speak, she did not walk, she did not laugh.

Then came the fateful day, when the fair Maiden and the Hero and the Strong Sons saw the story of the Sleeping Beauty and recognized her as their beloved daughter.  With faith they stepped forward to claim her.  They traveled over mountains of paperwork and slayed dragons of Bureaucracy.  The Sons sacrificed and waited for the day to finally come that they would be united, for Sleeping Beauty to awaken to the joy of life in a family.  

For our Sleeping Beauty and our Hero it was love at first site.  The Fair Maiden felt her heart was now full and that they were the perfect family to help the Beauty grow and learn.  To explore, to speak, to walk and laugh.  We have all be privileged to watch this story unfold.  To watch the Beauty awaken….  




Smile and Laugh…

And become part of a FAMILY!

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