A Chance to DREAM

For many of us, we hear the concept of “dreaming” from a young age.  If we are lucky, we hear from our parents, from our siblings or from other adults in our lives, that we should dream big.  We are encouraged to set goals for ourselves and not doubt that we can reach them.  We hear and see signs that say “dare to dream” or “never stop dreaming”.  Walt Disney even stamped upon us “a dream is a wish your heart makes.”

But this isn’t always a reality for many kids.  And not just for children abroad but children all around us.  Maybe even for you.  Maybe you weren’t told to “dream big” or to “reach for the stars.” Maybe you weren’t encouraged that you can do anything you set your mind to.  Whichever camp you can most relate to, wouldn’t you now want the opportunity to let your child dream?  Dreaming isn’t about portraying a false reality or just making things easy.  It is about the unknown potential that is in each and every child.

For Seth, age 11, he gets the concept of dreaming big.  Even though he has grown up in an orphanage for the majority of his life he hasn’t let his circumstances define his future.  Not only does he dream for himself but he dreams for his younger brother, Sawyer (10).   After stating the things he likes to do and what he wants to grow up to be, Seth says “most of all, I want to have my own family, who would love me a lot and also love my brother.”

Love.  That is what Seth is dreaming about.  He is dreaming about being loved. Being cared for. And for him and his brother to feel like they belong.

These boys have so much potential and deserve the chance to DREAM.




To inquire about adopting these brothers email Jill at jill.d@chiadopt.org or Amanda at amanda.m@chiadopt.org.

Video of Seth and Sawyer: https://youtu.be/ugEvrnlfOro

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